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Ferenc Gyurcsány - Socialist coalition wins...

BUDAPEST -- The Socialist-led governing coalition (MSZP, SZDSZ) won runoff parliamentary ballots yesterday, becoming Hungary's first administration to win re-election since communism "fell".
With nearly all voting districts counted, the National Election Office projected that the Socialists and their coalition partners (liberals) ended up with 210 of the legislature's 386 seats. Two center-right parties (FIDESZ, MDF) had 175 seats, and an independent (left wing, former communist) candidate got one seat.
Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány, 44, is a former communist youth leader during the Cold War era who became one of Hungary's richest businessmen. He accumulated his wealth by marrying into a rich communist family (Dobrev, Apró) and with his rather dubious businesses.
He campained with populist paroles (taking advantage of nostalgic feelings of former communists), irresponsible promises (25% rise in salary in public service) and a very one-sided information policy of the mainly socialist media. Meanwhile, he left the public uninformed about the state deficit and the delay of the EU convergence plan. Along the way, Gyurcsány promised to introduce 20 new reforms - but left voters in the dark about the details.
Mr. Gyurcsány was minister of sports and youth until 2004, when former minister president Medgyessy (a former communist spy, also known to the world under the alias D-209) was expelled from the MSZP, and then illegitimatly became minister president himself.
FIDESZ, the conservative opposition, is being publicly supported by many well known hungarian scientists, artists and sportsmen.
How could Gyurcsány win the elections anyway? An example: In a little village in south Hungary with a rather poor population, MSZP activists presented food and small amounts of money to the voters. Right before the elections, alcoholic beverages were disributed...


Blogger Judith said...

Tell me how could you support your statement in this write up, do you have any proof or references?

we know Gyurcsany as the head of the socialist coalition. He is a rich man representing the people. there is nothing wrong about that.

In one of your postings you claim that the economy functions on foreign debt. Tell me how can you support this claim? (give me the source statistics)

In addition we heard some questioning the wealth of Gyircsany, so what does the fortune of Gyurcsany has to do with his position if the people support him?


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