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"What are Hungarians like?"

Today in my English lesson. - I don´t know, is it true? What do you think? :-)

"What are Hungarans like? Being a British expatriate, this is one of the questions I am most frequently asked by my fellow countrymen an Hungarians alike.
Having lived in this country for the past six years of my life, I think by now I have quite a clear image of the characteristic features, value, desires and fears of Hungarians. You will not be surprised that these do not graetly differ from those of the nations of the European Union, but, still, there are some marked differences in the finer points.
First and foremost, I´m sure Hungarian women rate as one of the most attractive women in Europe, and I don´t just mean a good looks; they are also a lot more friendly and open than their Western European counterparts. On the other hand, however, I´m not sure about the men, and not just because I´m a man myself and I´m less sensitiv to this, but also because I think they either tend to neglect their appreance, or, quite on the contrary, overdo it with all those conspicuous clothes, jewellery, and parfume.
Hungarians like have a strong desire to work, but they want jobs that pay well rather than satisfy. As for social consciousness, in theory they laudably support equal right for ethnic and religious minorities, but when it comes to particular groups like the gypsies, or Jehovah´s Witnesses, they seem to be much lesstolerant. Most of them recognize a woman´s right to abortion, but the vast majority are in favour of the death sentence. They are fairly tolerant to extra-material affairs, unless it´s their partner who is involved in one. In such cases their normally laid back attitude may change into rather impulsive behaviour. At the same time, however, they are strongly against smacking at school. They work a lot and they spend most of their limited spare time watching TV. Very nightmare of poverty is first among the worries of Hungarians, followed by unemployment and loneliness. A large proportion are disillusioned and rather pessimistic about the country´s pospect for the future, but, on the other hand, they are firmly conviced that Hungarans are an extremly talented race. I´d say that Hungarians are a bit introverted and preoccupied with their own problems and they prefer torely on themselves. They do not seem to really believe that they could have an influence on the world around them, and, as a result, they are not particularly interested in genral social issues and community affairs.
Overall,I think Hungarians are quite like any Western European nation, except that they are less confident, and that they have to put a lot more effort into making a decent living."


Blogger stinkypaw said...

Intersting post! The title caught my attention because I'm married to a Hungarian man (whose parents left Hungry in '56 - he was born here, in Canada) and I'm curious about the Hungarian culture, etc. When I saw the date in Hungarian and the post in English I was happy, because I don't really speak Hungarian: I know how to count to ten, the days of the week and some phrases and expressions (but not always "proper"), but then I saw your previous posts and well... couldn't read them! kar (don't have the accent...:-(

Anonymous Névtelen said...

What is really interesting is not to learn your husbands language at least to level to read a post on the internet

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