szombat, június 03, 2006

World Cup - Petition

There is a young girl in Lithuania who is about to answer an ad for a waitress job in Berlin while the World Cup is going on.
When she arrives in Berlin, her "employer" will beat her, steal her passport, chain her to a radiator in a dirty room, and force her into prostitution.
This is happening right now all over Eastern Europe. Young girls are being enticed into forced prostitution in Berlin as the Germans are preparing to host the World Cup.
We must do what we can to stop this outrage.
All told 40,000 prostitutes are about to descend on the World Cup that is just about to begin in Berlin.
I urgently need you to read this email, sign the protest petition.
Some have expressed skepticism that this charge is true. How could something so monstrous be true?
Well, here is the lead from a recent story on the BBC:
"From the outside, it looks like an ordinary motel that you would find on the edge of a motorway. But as you walk into the Artemis, a few scantily clad women who are standing near the main entrance provide and obvious sign that there is more on offer here.
"Artemis is one of Germany's largest brothels. It opened recently, just in time for the World Cup. It is a short bus ride from Berlin's Olympic stadium, where many of the games, and the final, will be played" (May 15, 2006, BBC)
There it is.
One of our Friday Fax readers called the German Embassy in Canada and the diplomat who spoke admitted the charges that thousands of prostitutes are descending on Berlin and that special brothels have been built. Some are no more than one room sheds.
So, here is our question. What is moral and decent about that? And then the question becomes; how many of these women are being forced into prostitution. Those who are experts in human trafficking say that legal prostitution is a magnet for human traffickers and a magnet for forced prostitution.
We must do something about this.
This is one of the largest and most important sporting events in the world and the German government is colluding in sullying the reputation of this sport of their people. Moreover, the German government is colluding in the inevitable trafficking of human flesh for the sexual pleasure of rowdy drunks.
We must do something about this. Here is what you and your family and friends can do.
First, go to and sign the petition. At our site you can also read more about the horrific state of human trafficking…of women and even children. Sign the petition! WE MUST GET 50,000+ NAMES TO HAVE AN IMPACT ON THE GERMAN GOVERNMENT.
We will present this petition, signed by thousands from all over the world, to the German Mission to the United Nations, the Germany Embassy in Washington DC, the Office of the Chancellor of Germany, and to our pro-family friends in the German Parliament so they can initiate a resolution condemning the tragedy that is about to happen in Berlin.
I urge you to act now. Even now, the traffickers are gathering in Berlin. They are setting up shop. Young girls are being beaten. Help them right now by going to and signing the petition.
We can and will cause a stink about this. We, along with thousands of others, can raise a holy ruckus but we have to act fast. The World Cup begins in a week and goes for a month.
Act now.
Yours sincerely,
Austin Ruse
President, C-FAM

PS 6,600 have signed so far. We need 50,000 more and we need it fast.