hétfő, október 09, 2006

from Liptak

"In 1456 the Hungarians defended Europe from the Turks and were thanked for that by the noontime bell, Trianon and Yalta.

500 years later, in 1956, the Hungarians uncovered the brutal face of Communism and thereby mortally wounded the Red Empire. The help, which Radio Free Europe (run by the CIA) promised, was never sent and while the Hungarians in 3 days destroyed more Soviet tanks than America lost in 3 years in Iraq, the fight for freedom was crushed by 2OOO tanks (more than Hitler used to occupy France). As a result of American hypocrisy, Hungary lost 3% of her population, a number equivalent of 9 million Americans. In thanks for her effort, Hungary got the Reagan-Gorbachev pack, which changed the economic system from socialist to capitalist, but did not change the ruling elite or calling it to account.

America and the western world should compensate the Hungarians, by supporting the demand of the indigenous Hungarian minorities, - who became minorities, not by crossing the border, but because the border crossed them -, to regain their territorial autonomy and self government.

Béla Lipták

Stamford, CT

October 8, 2006

T: 203-357-7614"