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L88hu reports: - Amnesty for the Demonstrators!
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2006 szeptember 30 - szombat, 10:16

L88hu reports: - Amnesty for the Demonstrators!
[9-22-2006, Source:]
The out of control officers committed criminal acts in mass in the past days under the cover of the Budapest night. They purposefully broke people’s bones and jaw and kicked their teeth out.


On Wednesday at dawn a young man was walking home with a rubber truncheon in his backpack that he found at the Kossuth Ter area. He was walking toward his home around the Radio Building. (Brody Sandor Street) At the Radio building eight or ten policemen pushed him to the ground and brutally beat him, they dragged him handcuffed into the Radio Building where an additional 15 to 20 policemen mercilessly beat him. His jaw was broken, he suffered skull injuries and he received serious bruises.
He was barely conscious and he was thrown into the police car with such a force that he received further injuries on his upper torso. After this they took him to a police station where they forced him to stay on his knees for hours, later forcing him to sign an admission that he was drunk and threatened the officers with the rubber truncheon and this act initiated the action of the police.
The man is still under care in a hospital.
Thursday at dawn a resident of the inner city walked downstairs to investigate if his car was damaged during the night. The police ran him over and handcuffed and arrested him. At the same time in the same area a group of three young people were leaving a building. The police jumped them; one under aged individual was beaten and kicked by eight police officers. This person is still in the hospital with serious injuries, guarded by the police.
Also around the same time two young persons were assaulted by the police at the front of two foreign reporters.
Partial quote from the testimony of an inner city resident about a police action that fully shows the use of excessive force on the part of the police: „The handcuffed, maximum 17 years old boys were suddenly beaten with hands and wooden sticks and were pushed into the police cars and further beaten there. The officers grabbed the rim of the car’s roof and kept kicking the boys with their boots, jumping off the ground with both feet at the same time. After this, two of them did get into each police car, closed the doors and the cars kept shaking from the beating, one could hear the muzzled sounds of the beating. This lasted for one or two minutes. At this point I heard one of the officers screaming: „What are the targets?” „Where did the rest of you go?” and „What do you want to attack?” The answer was only inarticulate rattle and whining.”
Thursday, early morning a father and son were walking toward their home from Kossuth Square. On the plaza at the front of the Western Train Station they ended up in the grinder, among the groups of the raging police officers. The son was in shock, he asked the approaching police officers: „Are you Hungarians?” Six or eight officers jumped him, pushed him to the ground, handcuffed him and threw him into a police car.
And we could go on with many more cases; these are only isolated events from a mass of violations of rights.

You can view further examples on our web page at:
We recommend to those who witness similar events or those who become victims to try to ensure that pictures are taken as proof but even if such proof is not available they should start a criminal process against unknown subject at the Budapest Office of Investigations (Budapest 1056, Belgrad Rakpart 5, Phone: 266-5730) in writing or in person.
This organization has full authority to investigate cases like these and the public prosecutors usually properly follow up on these cases. In addition within eight days of the offense the event can be also reported at the BRFK (Budapest Police HQ) (Budapest 1139, Teve Street 4-6, Phone: 443-5500) They have the duty to investigate these complaints. In the report write down the events, the location, the time and the important circumstances. In addition you can call ORFK Phone-Witness (criminal): 06 (80) 555-111.
For the complaint and the report the submitter can not be discriminated against and it is his duty to support the victims and to put a stop to the excessive police brutality.

Those who are under any process or who are called to the police in connection with the present revolutionary events need to know the following:
1, Always deny to make a declaration until you can speak to your attorney, even if they deny you choosing your own attorney – which is against the law. Do not make an admission to the police. The detention can last maximum eight hours, after that they have to release you or if they decide to charge you and arrest you they can keep you for 72 hours. After 72 hours they either have to release you or they can keep you in preliminary arrest for 30 days first but it can be extended to a maximum of three years, till the trial. (The concepts of the Magna Carta and the Jury Trial did not make it to this „democracy” in the last 800 years.) The suspect has to be interrogated within 24 hours of reaching the investigating authorities.
2, Those who have no proper defense should ask for an attorney from: or In case of emergency call this number: 06-30-549-41-67 . You can use this phone number even if they started a process against you.
3) Those who are hurt and need medical attention should not state where and how did they receive their injuries because the investigating authorities use hospital records against the revolutionaries.
4, Those who participate in a demonstration should cover their faces, also those who are in the first lines of the strugle or who are forced to defend themselves against attacking policemen or where is teargas used, they should all cover their faces. Do not use national symbols, flags, emblemes because the police will target you if they see these on you.


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