szerda, november 01, 2006

A guide to Hungary, 2006

Here's a trailer of a new movie about Hungary's 1956 revolution

We're supposed to be celebrating its 50th anniversary (Oct 23rd), but we've got a post-communist government that seems to feel quite awkward about it, and about a ridiculous yet shocking scandal that I believe few democratic countries have seen.

What kind of a man is he? Nic Robertson's (CNN) interview with PM.

PM celebrating revolution. People are outside of the square, separated by police cordons. He lives in the house of a party leader from the 50s who had great part in suppressing the 56 revolution - he lives there because he married the man's granddaughter, whose family helped him to accumulate a fortune of about $20million(!!). (In the communist era, everything was nationalised, that is, robbed, of people, now this robbed fortune was again stolen from us in the process of state property privatisation - that's how he got his money.) See how people love him.

Six weeks have passed since the tape leaked, and street protests go on without violence - at least on the protesters' part. On the very day of the anniversary, 23rd Oct, the peaceful meeting of the biggest opposition party was attacked by police. The policemen were wearing masks, no ID, and using rubber bullets and illegal weapons. They beat up many people who dared to partake on the meeting.

Here are we now. Only one question remains: who wins.